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Gallery of recent photographs from Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Category: PLANTS

Sagebrush, Trees, Cows, Mountains
    Wednesday, August 21, 2019:     Sagebrush, Trees, Cows, Mountains

Flock of Grasses
    Sunday, August 11, 2019:     Flock of Grasses

Sagebrush and Grasses
    Thursday, August 8, 2019:     Sagebrush and Grasses

Amber Sky
    Monday, August 5, 2019:     Amber Sky

Thin Foreground Lines
    Wednesday, July 31, 2019:     Thin Foreground Lines

Old Bark in a Sunbeam
    Tuesday, July 30, 2019:     Old Bark in a Sunbeam

Reflections in a Small Stream
    Sunday, July 28, 2019:     Reflections in a Small Stream

Towering Spires at Sunset
    Saturday, July 27, 2019:     Towering Spires at Sunset

Backlit Overlapping Leaves
    Thursday, July 25, 2019:     Backlit Overlapping Leaves

Thistle Silhouette
    Wednesday, July 17, 2019:     Thistle Silhouette

Sunset through Grasses
    Monday, July 8, 2019:     Sunset through Grasses

Delicate Grasses
    Sunday, June 30, 2019:     Delicate Grasses

Green World
    Saturday, June 29, 2019:     Green World

Growth on the Water
    Thursday, June 20, 2019:     Growth on the Water

Green Cattails
    Tuesday, June 18, 2019:     Green Cattails

Regrowth of the Reeds
    Thursday, June 13, 2019:     Regrowth of the Reeds

Colors of June
    Wednesday, June 12, 2019:     Colors of June

Stream through Emerald Grasses
    Sunday, May 19, 2019:     Stream through Emerald Grasses

Winter Sagebrush Slope
    Wednesday, February 6, 2019:     Winter Sagebrush Slope

Lighting across the Hillside
    Tuesday, January 8, 2019:     Lighting across the Hillside

Blades of Ice and Grass
    Saturday, January 5, 2019:     Blades of Ice and Grass

Golden Grasses and Blue Sky
    Sunday, December 23, 2018:     Golden Grasses and Blue Sky

Lines and Curves
    Monday, December 10, 2018:     Lines and Curves

Through the Winter Veil
    Saturday, December 8, 2018:     Through the Winter Veil

Golden Fall Grasses
    Saturday, December 1, 2018:     Golden Fall Grasses

November Morning on a Hillside
    Monday, November 26, 2018:     November Morning on a Hillside

Out of Focus Mountains
    Friday, November 23, 2018:     Out of Focus Mountains

Patch of Tall Grasses
    Friday, November 16, 2018:     Patch of Tall Grasses

Seeded Plants
    Saturday, November 3, 2018:     Seeded Plants

Grasses and Mountain Reflections
    Thursday, November 1, 2018:     Grasses and Mountain Reflections

Layers of Leaves
    Sunday, September 23, 2018:     Layers of Leaves

Through an Array of Plants
    Friday, September 21, 2018:     Through an Array of Plants

Purple Mountain Majesties II
    Wednesday, September 12, 2018:     Purple Mountain Majesties II

Solarium Wall
    Sunday, September 2, 2018:     Solarium Wall

Botanical Pond
    Saturday, September 1, 2018:     Botanical Pond

Looking Up at Grass
    Friday, August 31, 2018:     Looking Up at Grass

Shrubby Everlasting
    Wednesday, August 22, 2018:     Shrubby Everlasting

Snow Angel Coral Bells
    Tuesday, August 21, 2018:     Snow Angel Coral Bells

Cosmos Greenery
    Friday, August 10, 2018:     Cosmos Greenery

Golden Storksbill
    Wednesday, August 8, 2018:     Golden Storksbill

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